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Pub and Bar Entertainment

Pub Quiz


Rock & Roll Bingo

Pub and bar DJ

We have a great selection of pub and bar DJs and who can cater for any age and style of event. We offer a great residency package, we supply DJ's with their own sound and lighting or as we refer to as a 'walk in' where the DJ's plug into your house system. We can place our DJ's on a rota to keep your nights fresh or if you prefer the same DJ for every event. 

Party time with our DJs


We supply everything you need for a fun night of karaoke. Included is our large database of karaoke songs covering most genres, cordless mics, flat screen TVs, pens, papers and book. 

Or if you prefer we can plug into your sound system and link to your TVs. We are fully insured and have karaoke hosts ready to entertain your guests. 

Karaoke and dancing under one roof.

Speed Quiz

Use our latest format of quizz. No papers no pens just an app on your mobile device. We will set up your pub or venue with a closed network where all the players can log onto. So no cheating and and fastest finger first. 

No papers No Pens Needed

Rock and Roll Bingo

Gone are the days of boring bingo callers, we play the tracks you cross them off. Winner is the one to complete their card. We supply the cards, music and host. All you need is the venue and the guests.

Music fun and Bingo

Race Nights

Fancy something different. We can turn your venue into a race night themed event. With betting slips and video hosted races. We can even go the extra mile to theme your venue with green turf, hay bales and more. 

Bring the horse race to venue near you

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