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Frequently Asked Questions

If it's your first time booking entertainment for your event, you're certain to have lots of questions! Below you can find a list of the most common questions about booking entertainment and other features. If you can't find what you're looking for, please feel free to email us.

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Who are we?

Are you looking for an entertainment booking agency to get you that exceptional musical artist for your special occasion? Before settling on any entertainment booking agency for your event, let us provide you the information you seek and answer any questions you may have.

How Long Has The Entertainment Specialists Agency Been in Business?

We have been trading almost 10 years. Before the Entertainment Specialists started, founder and director Danny has been in the event and agency business for over 25 years.  

Is It Cheaper To Book Entertainment Through An Agency Or Book Direct With The Artists?

When working with artists regularly, where the artist relies on the agency for consistent work, it puts the agency in a good position to negotiate the best deal directly with the artist. Most artists and musicians will seize the opportunity to maximize their income when working with a one-time client. By working with our agency, we pass on their discounted rate to you.

Is The Entertainment Specialists UK Legal And Listed On Companies House?

Yes, Entertainment Specialists UK Ltd is registered as a limited company on Companies House. We are fully insured and trusted by numerous large organizations, including hotels, clubs, and bars.

 How does booking entertainment work?

After getting a wish list of entertainers, a date and the budget you wish to stay within from your entertainment request form, we find the act or acts from your list that are available for your specific date that fall within your budget. We then figure out how much of the production responsibilities you wish to take on (i.e. sound, hotel accommodations, ground transportation, etc.) and quote you a price for the entertainment inclusive of the production responsibilities that we will handle.

We are not sure what entertainment to book for our event can you suggest something?

Yes, of course! We work within your budget to ensure you get the best result for your event. From live bands to DJs and optional extras, we guarantee your guests will not be disappointed.

How much does a live singer or band usually cost?

Typically a singer would cost from around £300, and a small band from around £600. However this can go up quite a bit for larger bands and/or bigger production set ups. Fees will also depend on travel expenses, loading and parking.

How can I tell if a wedding band or singer is actually good?

Ideally you would try to see them perform live, however this isn’t always possible as many bands only perform at private functions. We try to provide our clients with promo videos you can watch and listen to give you an idea of their ability, but do bear in mind not all bands record their sets or these are often studio recordings rather than live performances. 

Do singers and bands usually perform requests?

Yes, our musicians should be able to learn one or two requests (if they feel they can do them justice), such as for a first dance or the walk down the aisle. Please note that musicians will need time to learn the songs, so allowing ample time will help them to learn a new song.

What provisions do they usually need at the venue?

The main provisions required are access to power and enough space for them to perform. Our Mobile DJs bring with them a DJ booth, lighting, and sound, and will require a space of 4m x 2m to set up.

Am I expected to provide food and drink?

This will depend on the length of the booking and the time of day you have them booked for. Our booking terms for any of our artists will require a warm meal and regular refreshments such as soft drinks and bottled water if the artist is booked for an event exceeding 5 hours, including set up time and pack down.

How long do singers and bands usually play for? 

They will usually provide 2 hours of live music during the evening, either 3 x 40 min sets or 2 x 1 hour sets.

How long do they typically need to set up?

It depends on the size of band, how much sound and light equipment is being set up and the nature of the load in to the venue. For a four-piece band with a standard PA, allow 45 mins to an hour from when they arrive. DJs will require at least 60min to rig up and pack down. The venue will need to accommodate this where possible. 

Will we need a DJ too?

No, our musicians should be able to play a party playlist in between their sets, eliminating the need for a separate DJ. However, we do agree that a DJ/Band combo is the ultimate party package, allowing the party to continue after the band has completed their set.

How long is a good length of time for a singer or band to have been working for?

The length of time a singer or band has been working varies. Generally, a few years of experience is considered good, allowing them to develop talent and gain performance experience. However, quality of performance matters more than just the duration of their career.

Is it beneficial if they’ve performed at my venue already?

It has its benefits obviously, but isn’t a deal breaker. If the venue has any stipulations like sound limiters or the requirement to use electric drums, then make sure you mention this during your initial negotiations with the performer(s). 

What makes a singer or wedding band stand out? What should I be looking out for?

High quality and well-presented promo material, a strong social media presence and a good number of song choices in their repertoire list. 

Will bands or singers be able to provide other services too?

Yes indeed. As mentioned previously we provide a  DJ service, and some are able to provide an acoustic set up for background music during the ceremony or drinks reception.

Typically how broad can we expect a band or singer’s repertoire to be?

Typically, we can expect a band or singer's repertoire to be quite broad, covering a range of genres and styles to cater to different preferences and occasions. Bands are some what limited to their vocal range and will know their limits.

How many breaks do they need to take and when? 

Again this depends on the length of the booking. If you’re booking a singer for 2 hours, they’ll probably play 2 x 45 min sets with a 30 min break in the middle. If you’re booking a band for the evening, they will be able to plan their sets and breaks around your schedule.


What will usually be played between the breaks?

Normally a party playlist through the band or singer’s PA system. Most are happy to plug in a clients phone or iPad if they’d like to create their own playlist for in between the sets. 

Is it a good idea to ask the band or singer to MC?

They will generally only MC during the parts of the evening where they are performing, for example corralling everyone towards where the first dance or cake cutting is happening. 

Can bands and singers take requests from guests on the night?

They can do, and are usually happy to play them if they know them. However be aware that a drunken guest trying to shout ‘Can you play Mr Brightside’ into the drummers ear whilst they are playing a different song can be rather…….distracting! 

Is it possible to submit a ‘Do Not Play’ list?

Yes of course. We actually advise this if they have a very long list of songs to choose from, as it’s better to give them as much choice as possible to form their sets with. They are more experienced at what to play when than the client probably will be, so let them use this experience! 

What does the rate for a singer or band typically include?

This does depend on the booking. For a band in the evening it should include an agreed time for them to arrive to set up (usually 6pm), the length and number of sets, and the end of the booking (usually midnight). Early set ups or later finish times are usually possible for a small extra fee. 

Are there any additional fees we should be mindful of?

If your venue is very large, the band may need to hire additional PA and/or lighting setups. Regarding booking our DJs, there might be an extra charge if they are requested to do overtime. This will be at the discretion of the DJ on the night and must be paid upfront before the DJ continues into the overtime set.

Do we typically receive a written contract?

Yes, of course. Our contract, or booking confirmation, will outline the services we will provide and their costs. We aim to be as transparent as possible to ensure peace of mind when booking through us.

How far in advance from your wedding should you book your singer or band?

If you're looking 12 months before the date, you should have a lovely choice of bands to choose from. The closer you get to the date, the fewer options you'll have available.

What information do you need to supply before the big day?

Your song choices, any venue stipulations, contact details in case required on the day and dietary requirements if food is being provided.

Is it important that your singer or band is insured?

Our artists have varied levels of Public Liability Insurance and can be made available upon request.

Do we need to typically meet your musician before the wedding?

Not often. However sometimes clients like to have a video call with them beforehand to make sure everyone is on the same page. If a meeting in person is required before, this can be arranged but they will probably want a small fee for their time. 

What do bands and singers typically wear to weddings? 

It’s up to the client really! They are usually pretty flexible and enjoy getting dressed up! 

Do bands and singers have a policy around alcohol and smoking at weddings? 

Most professional singers and bands are focused on their performance and aren't there to party excessively. While they may have a drink or two, getting drunk isn't typical. If they smoke, they will adhere to any venue rules. While we discourage drinking on the job, we cannot monitor this at every event.

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